[RC5] Suggestion for when we Recycle Keys

Herman Verkade Herman.Verkade at computhoughts.com
Mon Jan 11 22:36:19 EST 1999

> John McIntyre wrote:
> I was also thinking about where to start recycling keys.  If the keys
> come back somewhat linearly, and we have issued 100% and checked 16%,
> does it make sense to start recycling at some percentage more than
> 16.1%?  Say half the difference between completed and the percentage
> over a hundred? For example Day 2 at 19.32% completed and 131.03%
> issued
> (131.03 - 100) - 19.32 = 11.71 /2 = 5.86 + 19.32 = 25.18 %
I doubt whether the keys will come back linearly. There will be a lot of
difference in the buffer sizes at different clients and the speed will
vary dramatically between clients. As the keys are issued linearly, the
server should start re-issuing from the beginning but not re-issue
blocks that have been returned. That is assuming that the keyserver has
that information readily available.

For the DES contest, I think it is important that people set their
machines to use a small buffer size and return the blocks regularly.
There is no point in getting blocks to keep your machine busy for three
days. Even if you get a load of blocks, work on it for 12 hours and then
return a large number of them, then you have lost the first deadline for
definite. Also, if you get a large number of blocks, process them but
not return them, then they may be re-issued and someone else will be
checking blocks that had already been checked. However, if you get only
a handful and return them within one or two hours, then there is less
chance of duplication and more chance of winning. Of course, this is
easy to achieve with machines on permanent connections and more
difficult on dial-up connections. I suppose dial-up users must remember
to connect regularly during the DES contest, or configure the RC5DES
client to trigger a dial-out every couple of hours.

Herman Verkade

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