[RC5] blocksize suggestion

Scott Wasson swasson at arrowpoint.com
Tue Jan 12 13:54:12 EST 1999

I think it might be a good idea to make the preferred blocksizes for rc5
and des individually configurable.  Before the des-test contest started, I
had my home pc set to 2^31 blocksize.  With a 33Kb dial-up line, it simply
takes less time to suck down enough blocks to keep the system busy for the
whole day until the next time I connect.  With a slow internet connection,
it takes significantly less time to retrieve fewer big blocks than many
small blocks.

With DES, though, the mind-set is entirely different.  Because the contest
duration is so short, 2^28 is preferable.  I think it would be a Good
Idea(tm) to make that a separate knob, whose default is 28.  Then any
fine-tuning people may have done to improve (or hoard) rc5 blocks won't
adversely affect des performance.

Make sense?


-Scott Wasson, ArrowPoint Communications
-swasson at arrowpoint.com
-(978) 692-5875 x530

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