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Scott McIntyre smcintyr at snet.net
Mon Jan 11 22:37:34 EST 1999

This kind of thing tends to work pretty well, *except* for the large
 ISP's.  Their domains are registered in a single location, so all their
are marked from that one place.  So you tend to see huge proportions
Virginia, because that's where AOL is!  So the accuracy is not the
but it is pretty neat to look at.


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>On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Scott Dodson wrote:
>> I think an interesting stat graph would be how many new users, and
>> there are.  Also, maybe if possible a color coded map of the world,
>> of like those altitude maps but have it show the different ammount of
>> people by color coding.
>My first reaction to this was "yeah right, there's no way to know
>geographically, blocks were submitted from."  Then I remembered a
>neet programs I've come across that translated cities/zip codes into
>latitude & longitude, and then other programs that would translate a
>domain name into a city -- so you could actually, in real time,
>a domain name into a rough latitude/longitude.
>And then there's that graphical traceroute thing somebody pointed out
>me a few days ago that uses all this stuff in real time and draws it on
>globe in using OpenGL.
>(http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d3august/xt/index.html)  (btw, I believe
>currently only runs on UNIX type OSes)
>The web page for that program mentioned 2 RFCs that deal with
>domains/IPs to latitude & longitude: 1712 & 1876.  (haven't looked at
>yet myself)

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