[RC5] Auto buffer settings

Carl Johnstone rc5 at fadetoblack.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 12 10:27:03 EST 1999

>I think the above would help all these problems. I'm still new to
>distributed net, so please excuse any dumb ideas, I just feel at the end of
>the day, if you want people to play the game, don't make it harder than
>be. Set it and forget it.

I'd also suggest that most people on this list have a fair idea of what
they're doing - an automatic buffer setting would mean that those people
that don't really know what they're doing can have their client
automatically configured for optimum performance for their computer!

90% of people probably have a "normal" setup either dial-in or permanent
connection, so they could leave the "auto-buffer" option as ticked. The 10%
that do have unusual conditions, should still be able to manually configure
their settings if they require it. We don't need to change buffers for
possible network outages, as that's one of the points in having local
buffers anyway (otherwise everybody would have a permanent connection, and
work on a get one block finish it then return it basis).

The big advantage (especially with DES) is that you don't have computers out
their mistakenly buffering three/four days worth of blocks for a contest
that will be over in 24 hours!


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