[RC5] Win3.1 clients and scheduled fetches

Stephen Garrison slg9y at unix.mail.virginia.edu
Mon Jan 11 21:51:51 EST 1999

Assuming the time isn't changed/corrected between the
scheduleupdate notification and the actual contest/test, why not
do the number of hours until the contest/test starts rounding
up. A) this keeps you from having to worry about timezones etc.
B) it could provide some randomness to the client logins (if we
only deal with the hours) (then again we already get that with
the randomness with which people set their clocks). C) all the
clients connect within a hour of the start of the contest (for
those that don't have the time set or lost by some error).

According to William E. Powers:
> > This PC doesn't have the TZ environment variable set, so the RC5DES
> > client has no idea which time zone I'm in.  It's reporting local times
> > as though they were UTC.  (I'm in the US/Eastern time zone, and it's
> > currently about 14:00, and the most recent lines of the RC5DES client
> > output say "[Jan 11 13:31:51 UTC] ...".)
> > 
> > It would probably be a good idea to add a time zone prompt to the
> > client configuration.  Thus, the client could save something like
> > "timezoneoffset=-5" or "timezone=US/Eastern" in the .ini file, which
> > would override timezone information (or the lack thereof) reported by
> > the operating system.  (Of course, this is not necessary on the
> > Linux/Unix clients -- but the Windows client base is huge.)
> Harumph!  All 3 of my Win95 boxes report UTC correctly, but 3 out 
> of 4 Linux boxes report Local time as UTC.  The Linux box that 
> reports correctly is RedHat 4.0 with a 2.0.34 kernel.  The boxes 
> that incorrectly report Local as UTC are all Linux Router Project 
> (LRP) 2.9.3 running 2.0.36pre something.  I haven't been able to 
> figure out how to get the LRP boxes/clients to tell time correctly.
> The reason I'm running LRP is that those three boxes are pseudo-
> PC's that are dedicated to running rc5des.  They're headless and 
> hard drive-less.  They just boot from a floppy, mount an nfs 
> partition, and then start cracking keys.
> Bill Powers
> wepprop at bigfoot.com
> "I figure God put me here and He can take me back anytime He pleases."
> - Danny Dutton, age 8.
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