[RC5] m68K benchmarks please!

John Girvin john.girvin at unibol.com
Thu Jan 14 09:07:51 EST 1999


anyone out there using a Motorola 68K based machine
for RC5 and a client that starts with the message:

| RC5 68K assembly by John Girvin


Send me your benchmarks! Im especially interested in
RC5 keyrates for 68000, 68010 and 68040 machines, but
values for other chips are useful too.

I know the latest NeXT build uses these cores, not
sure about other platforms yet.

Reply privately and don't clog the list. Besides, I get
the digest version and won't see your results for a while :)

John Girvin
john.girvin at unibol.com    http://www.unibol.com

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