[RC5] win 98 autodial

Toomas Aas Toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Thu Jan 14 02:47:09 EST 1999

Hi Fernando!

On 13 Jan 99 at 17:40 you wrote:

> i run a rc5cli, I start the rc5cli from a command line... using rc5cli
> -quiet, but the pc don't start the rc5, I see the main window for a seconds
> but when i press ctrl-alt-del, i don't see the rc5cli in the tasks....

My knowledge comes from the time of build 416 cli, but I don't 
think this is changed much. When you run client with -hide switch 
(is it now called -quiet?) the client will run but will not appear 
in the ctrl+alt+del task list.

There are couple of ways that I can think of to make sure if the 
client is actually running.

1) Use logfile and check if it gets updated and what it says;

2) Use an utility like WinTop that can display all processes 
   running on Windows box.
> I'm sharing the instalation (i.e, all pc's grab's the file and the settings
> from a network drive.)

I've found out that even if it eases the distribution of client to 
lot of machines, this is actually still not a good idea. If network 
connection is lost for some reason, Windows might just hang with no 
explanation and needs to be cold-booted. Users are not happy. I've 
given up running the client from network drive and instead now use 
the network to distribute the client to each machine locally. Works 
much cleaner overall. 

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