[RC5] bovine dock app

crypt0genic of ECAD.ORG crypt0genic at ecad.org
Wed Jan 13 23:16:17 EST 1999

Is there a Bovine Icon for Window Maker (or
afterstep and all other similar WM's for
that matter) floating around?? And what is the
cow's name anyway?? There has to be a name for
the masscot. 

It would be really nice to see a dockapp to
interface with the client for windowmaker and all
the other WM's, why should winblows be the only OS
with a GUI anyway : )

I would also like to remind you all that we are
still doing free email alias'es at


crypt0genic OUT

E-Mail: crypt0genic of ECAD.ORG
<crypt0genic at ecad.org>
Date: 13-Jan-99
Time: 23:11:17

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