[RC5] win 98 autodial

Alex Bergdolt bergdolt at gmx.net
Thu Jan 14 16:59:30 EST 1999


FA> I Want to run automaticly the des client in a bunch of client's pc running
FA> W95... all the pc's runs a startup script from a NT 4.0 server Domain... I
FA> want to the client stay quiet (no trayicon, no status) only log to a file.

FA> i run a rc5cli, I start the rc5cli from a command line... using rc5cli
FA> -quiet, but the pc don't start the rc5, I see the main window for a seconds
FA> but when i press ctrl-alt-del, i don't see the rc5cli in the tasks....

Yes,  thats  O.K.  Win95  taskmanager  does not report "processes", just
"applications". Win NT 4.0 taskmanager does both. To check if the client
is  running:
-check  CPU  usage: should be at 100%
-check your log file
-use  the  win32  gui  client (also has a hidden mode) and check it with

best regards,
Alex <bergdolt at gmx.net>


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