[RC5] Found the key? Immediate flush!

Carl Johnstone rc5 at fadetoblack.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 14 20:33:56 EST 1999

>I understand the clients are designed to act as if nothing special has
>happened if they happen to stumble across the right key.  That's fine.  But
>consider this:  that client may be online-always, and yet may have 8 hour's
>worth of output buffers to fill before automatically flushing.  8 hours
>could make the difference between winning $10,000 and $5,000, or between
>$5,000 and $0.
>If the client is online-always, doesn't it make sense for it to immediately
>notify d.net?  Silently, of course...

If the client is online always surely it would be better with smaller
buffers. After all with a quick contest, you may find that your eight hours
of buffers you are storing, have since been recycled and somebody else has
already handed them in first!!


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