[RC5] Kudos to the Coders

Dmitri Besedin nickms at com2com.ru
Fri Jan 15 08:47:25 EST 1999


Almost the same results on my systems.

Celeron 466A: the DES keyrate increased from 3,800,000 keys/sec (427 client)
to 5,200,000 keys/sec (430 client) - a 37% increase! On 417 client, the DES
rate was even worse - just 2,200,000 keys/sec.

AMD K6-240: the DES keyrate increased from 1,470,000 to 1,870,000 keys/sec -
that's 27% increase.

BTW, what happened to the Pentium PRO/II RC5 core? On my Celeron 466A, the
RC5 keyrate was 1,305,000 with 417 Win32 x86 client. It lowered to
1,230,000 - 1,270,000 keys/sec (variable rate) with the clients starting
from 426 and till 430. Is something wrong with the P2 RC5 core?

As for K6, the RC5 rate even increased from 380,000 keys/sec (417 client) to
403,000 keys/sec (426 till 430 clients). BTW, are there any plans to enable
MMX usage in K6 core?

Dmitri Besedin, mailto:nickms at com2com.ru

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Windows NT batch scripting

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>Kudos to the coders..... a 43% increase on my PII-350 with Win98!!
>Now if I can only get my wife of her PII-233 so I can install the
>Long DES test
>RC5DES Client v2.7103.427 for Win32 (under Windows 4.10) started.
>[Jan 14 03:41:28 UTC] Benchmarking DES with 1*2^25 tests (33554432
>[Jan 14 03:41:28 UTC] Completed in 0.00:00:12.69 [2,644,163.27 keys/sec]
>RC5DES Client v2.7105.430 for Win32 (under Windows 4.10) started.
>[Jan 14 03:47:28 UTC] Benchmarking DES with 1*2^25 tests (33554432
>[Jan 14 03:47:28 UTC] Completed in 0.00:00:08.90 [3,770,160.89 keys/sec]

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