[RC5] Is my 386 any use?

Carl Johnstone rc5 at fadetoblack.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 15 17:56:46 EST 1999

>I think you forget the PURPOSE of the d.net experiment, to use
>spare cycles of ALL machines, even low end machines to increase
>power, rather than only high end machines.

The point is that on "quick" contests (like DES) a machine which connects
downloads half a dozen blocks spends a couple of days cracking them and then
uploads them is probably wasting it's time, because the contest will be

If a machine gets a block and cracks it and then uploads that one block 24
hours later may find that the block has already been re-issued to another
machine thats cracked it in 5 mins and returned it already! As these
contests get quicker, the usefulness of low-end machines gets less and less.

When you get to long-term contests (RC5) then the odds of the contest
finishing or a block being re-issued is that much lower that low-end
machines are still an important part of the project.


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