[RC5] Found the key? Immediate flush!

dbaker at cuckoo.com dbaker at cuckoo.com
Sat Jan 16 16:57:32 EST 1999

On 15-Jan-1999, Scott Dodson wrote:
> Scott Wasson wrote:
> > >WHY is it fine? There should be an indication to the user that the
> > >key has been found.
> >
> > Then an unscrupulous user could bypass d.net and claim he found the key all
> > on his own.  $10,000 all for himself, thank you very much.  Don't think so!
> It wouldn't be a bad idea to flush as soon as it detects a connection, or it's
> possible for it to flush.  At least that way it will be returned to d.net.  If
> it doesn't announce itself, it will go un-noticed, except when it's announced
> to everyone.

 A client success isn't a guaranteed solution, thus it is better to flush
 the block normally and let it be logged as a possible success on the
 keymaster for further evaluation.

 Once the block has been submitted to a full proxy, pagers will be going
 off within six or seven minutes.

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