[RC5] Crazy Stats (?)

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Sat Jan 16 13:09:41 EST 1999

Nugget explains the decrease in stats in his finger

The stats run normally starts at 0:00 UTC, which is 7PM EST.

The list isn't filtering your mail strangely, it's the list moderator. :) For
those of you who failed to read the description of this list on the web page,
or don't understand what moderation means, I'll explain.

Before this list was moderated, any messages sent to it would immediatly be
bounced back out. Unfortunatly, this lead to flame-threads, OS wars, etc.
Volume was often over 60 messages a day, and the signal to noise ratio was
very low.

Now that the list is moderated, a human has to read and approve every message
that goes to the list. While this means that the volume has gone down and the
signal to noise ratio is far better, it also means that messages don't always
hit the list the way you'd expect them to. For example, it is easier to
approve messages that aren't part of a thread first, then move to the
threaded messages. Normally, the time difference when doing this is less than
a half-hour. But on days with heavy message volume, this time can be
significantly longer.

This also explains why some of your messages are 'disappearing'. Often,
several people will write replies that all say basically the same thing. When
this happens, usually only the best one or two replys will get approved. This
doesn't mean that the other replys are wrong or bad, but we don't need many
messages saying the same thing.

There are some other sure-fire ways not to have a message approved. MIME
encoded messages and HTML messages aren't allowed. Nor are trolling or
personal attacks. One or two line replys are generally frowned upon, and 'me
too' messages almost never make it. Of course, messages should pertain to
distributed.net, but note that bug reports and most 'I need help' emails get
forwarded to rc5help at distributed.net. One of these days I'll try and put this
info on the lists page.... :)

Hope this helps,

Zypher wrote:

> Whoa, I just saw the stats go DOWN, to 4.7981% from something like 6%
> yesterday....anyone have an idea whats going on?
> And has the usual midnightish update time been changed? (I'm aware no RC5
> stats during DESIII but today is only 15th :)
> And GMT is greenwich mean time, right? Whats the conversion from that to
> EST?
> Also this list seems to be filtering the mail strangely, one mail I sent
> hours before another was added much after the next one (it switched the
> order basically, and the times were way off)
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