[RC5] Suggestion for when we Recycle Keys

Rui Malheiro rmalheiro at mail.telepac.pt
Sun Jan 17 10:19:55 EST 1999

"Jim C. Nasby" wrote:

>The best solution is too minimize the amount of DES blocks that might be
>lost... in other words, keep your buffers as small as possible.

Could't you implement a "time-to-live" for a block in order to
minimize the duplication of effort? During the first test, keyspace
recycling started on day 2, so you could implement something like:

"If this block has been siting in the buff-in for more than 36h then
it probably has already been checked, so I better go fetch some new

As the contest runs it's course, you could then reduce the TTL

This way, slower clients or clients that buffer too many blocks
wouldn't spend much time working on blocks that probably had been
already checked in.
Rui Malheiro

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