[RC5] Distributed processing: publicity

Rick Martin rick at housemartin.force9.co.uk
Sun Jan 17 11:24:01 EST 1999

Slightly off-topic in RC5, but "The Sky At Night" (astronomy programme
here in the UK) the other day ran an item on SETI and related stuff -
one of the presenter's main pet subjects.  He touched briefly on the
distributed program which is run (Berkeley, I think he said - anyway,
it's been mentioned here before as a possible future for d.net activity)
and described how home computers were contributing via the internet.

Good publicity for SETI, and we could probably do similar.  There are TV
programmes here about computing, and I'm sure at least one of them could
be persuaded to run an item on distributed computing (if one hasn't
already - I don't tend to watch them).  If anyone more clued-up than me
would like to take up the baton, I'd be happy to find contacts for the
production teams.


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