[RC5] correct settings for DES

Darxus darxus at Op.Net
Sun Jan 17 11:55:17 EST 1999

(I'm running the latest Linux x86 client)

I just found out that in the current version, "rc5des -benchmark" gives me
suggested block & buffer sizes.  It told me to use:

rc5 blocksize: 31, buffer size: 68
des blocksize: 31, buffer size: 12

rc5des -configure does not appear to allow me to use seperate settings for
different contests.  folks in #distributed made some suggestions for
manual .ini file settings.  Please confirm that the following are correct:


BTW: why doesn't the client just automatically benchmark itself the 1st
time it's executed, calculate these numbers for itself, and then use them,
without requiring human interaction ? 
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