[RC5] "Me too" (Was: Crazy Stats)

Rick Martin rick at housemartin.force9.co.uk
Sun Jan 17 11:16:37 EST 1999

"Jim C. Nasby" wrote:
> the list is moderated, a human has to read and approve every 
> message
> we don't need many messages saying the same thing.

And we *do* appreciate the work which that moderation entails, guys,
coming as it does on top of the regular production of the stats, the new
clients, the keymaster & proxy maintenance, ...!

Meantime, it's always a tricky decision: do we say "Well done" or "me
too" to every barrier that gets broken, improvement in performance,
challenge that gets met or other success story?  If we do, the list
degenerates rapidly [1]  If we don't, then there's a chance that the
d.net crew won't know the strength of feeling out here for the work they
do and what they (and we) represent.

   Rick "someone else ought to do something about it" Martin

[1] probably into that old chestnut "Q: How many AOLers does it take to
change a lightbulb?  A: 14,198 = 1 to change it, 5,847 to say "Me too",
264 to say "me three", ..."

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