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> On Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:47:20 -0800, Bryan M. Smith wrote:
> >Hey look! Just what all of our work has been for.
> >
> >
> >----------- Begin Forwarded Message ----------------
> >Subject: 
> >        NIST Credits Deep Crack
> >NIST credits Deep Crack as the reason for proposing 
> >using 3DES in lieu of DES in its new FIPS 46-3 (previously
> >posted <http://jya.com/nist011599.txt>:
> Somebody from D.net should email the author of that article and tell
> him, "hey, you think that was impressive, join the effort on Monday
> when D.net and DeepCrack both hammer another DES contest into the
> dirt.

actually, what are the chances of cracking a 3DES, or DESX 
message, to prove that point.

How long would it take and would it take massive reprogramming to 
produce such a contest, even if we don't get paid for it?

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