[RC5] Is my 386 any use?

Michael Kiaer mikkel at echonyc.com
Sun Jan 17 04:18:04 EST 1999

> Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 17:56:46 -0000
> From: "Carl Johnstone" <rc5 at fadetoblack.demon.co.uk>
> Subject: [RC5] Is my 386 any use?
>>I think you forget the PURPOSE of the d.net experiment, to use
>>spare cycles of ALL machines, even low end machines to increase
>>power, rather than only high end machines.
> The point is that on "quick" contests (like DES) a machine which connects
> downloads half a dozen blocks spends a couple of days cracking them and then
> uploads them is probably wasting it's time, because the contest will be
> over.
> If a machine gets a block and cracks it and then uploads that one block 24
> hours later may find that the block has already been re-issued to another
> machine thats cracked it in 5 mins and returned it already! As these
> contests get quicker, the usefulness of low-end machines gets less and less.
> When you get to long-term contests (RC5) then the odds of the contest
> finishing or a block being re-issued is that much lower that low-end
> machines are still an important part of the project.
> Carl

That goes for slow and fast machines alike: If you don't log in often,
someone else might already have checked the blocks (be it one or a thousand)
you were working on, rendering the work you did wasted.

Everyone should set their buffers small so they'll log in often. This will
assure that your are not working on a set of blocks that someone else is or
has already checked and it will return your results to the server more
quickly to report the found key.

Perhaps it was covered here and I missed it but could someone from d-net let
us know what the optimal interval for logging in might be (based on the
traffic is generates and the scheme by which blocks are handed out)?

I would think as often as possible (perhaps hourly?) but I imagine we could
overload the servers if it were *too* often?


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