[RC5] installing the d.net client on about 300 win95 machine

Toomas Aas Toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Mon Jan 18 16:15:19 EST 1999

Hi Darxus!

On 17 Jan 99 at 13:31 you wrote:

> I have administrative access to a network of about 300 pentium win95
> machines.  I would love to install the d.net client, but I don't think
> it's very likely management would approve.  My boss is incharge of all
> things PC related, and is clueful -- I figure I'll mention the possibility
> to him just in case.  

I'm sure that those responsible for d.net will urge you to *not* 
install the client without permission from your boss. With clueful 
boss your chances might not be that bad, if you find a way to "sell 
the idea" right :-)

> Before I do that, I'd like to know what the best way to do this
> would be -- run the client via a network login script ?  Run an
> automated install program via a network login script ? 

I've started to think that running the client itself from 
centralized network location is a Bad Thing, since the consequences 
are serious if network connection is lost for some reason. This is 
especially true for Windows 9x, which just tends to hang and 
require cold-boot on some cases.

Running the installation scripr from network login script, OTOH, 
seems to work flawlessly for me, if the client is installed on 
local PCs.


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