[RC5] installing the d.net client on about 300 win95 machines at work

Anton Gombkötö A.Gombkoetoe at teleweb.at
Mon Jan 18 20:37:54 EST 1999

Well, i do run the RC5/DES-client only on "my" PC at work, not on servers,
not on PC's of coworkers. (But at home, of course.) I have to do the work, i
say i do not notice the client running, so there is no problem. I surely
have one of the best bosses in the world.

Of course, i try to convince people.

If you tell them the story or lead them to www.distributed.net , most of
them will find it exciting to have such a thing on their PC.

Co-workers and/or Management can compare 2 identical PC's, one with the
client running and one without. They have to tell which one is the slower

You might sell the thing also like this: "I want to compare the CPU power of
all our 300 Win95 PC's. As it is Win95, it might behave different with
certain machines. I can recognize errors in an early state, when the
CPU-rate decreases, something might be wrong with the machine. Available
tools on the market do cost *any_big_amount_will_do* $$$, but i've found a
method that's FREE. Let's use the statistics that distributed.net is
offering." The rest is up to you.
I do not know very much of the client, but as i read this mailing list, one
can configute quit a lot with it. I think that it might be possible to
create a batch file that transfers all blocks to d.net with the correct
sender e-mail adress - for every "monitored" PC / PC-User. This mustn't
necessarily be a real e-mail-address, as i suppose.

But: Do never "steal" CPU-time.

If you're successful, be aware of the fact that every single thing that
these PCs will do wrong will/might easily fall back on you/the RC5/DES

Good luck!

Anton Gombkötö
AS Software
Vienna, Austria, Europe

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>I have administrative access to a network of about 300 pentium win95
>machines.  I would love to install the d.net client, but I don't think
>it's very likely management would approve.  My boss is incharge of all
>things PC related, and is clueful -- I figure I'll mention the possibility
>to him just in case.  Before I do that, I'd like to know what the best way
>to do this would be -- run the client via a network login script ?  Run an
>automated install program via a network login script ?
>Any information from people who have done such things would be greatly
>We currently do not have a dedicated internet connection, so I'd set up a
>proxy on my workstation, and take the blocks home to process each day.
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