[RC5] Proxy Question: or Is there three DeepCracks?

dbaker at cuckoo.com dbaker at cuckoo.com
Mon Jan 18 23:44:49 EST 1999

On 18-Jan-1999, Higgins, Bill wrote:
> I've been watching the DES proxy page and have noticed entries for
> proxies called
> 	Deepcrack at EFF
> 	Deepcrack at RSA #1
> 	Deepcrack at RSA #2
> 	DEScracker
> Does this mean that RSA has brought a couple of Deepcracks on-line? and

 No, a proxyinfo entry for Deep Crack is simply an IP that is allowed
 to talk to the keymaster.  Those are the two locations that I allow
 it to connect from.  It has two possible IPs at RSA, thus the two

 Don't expect any deep crack statistics on proxyinfo, those are simply
 there for authorization purposes.

> what is DEScracker?

 A test of the deep crack/distributed.net code that runs on a computer
 of mine at home.

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