[RC5] OGR anyone?

Arhelger, Lee laarhelger at software.rockwell.com
Wed Jan 20 15:24:34 EST 1999

I agree with Tom. I turned in my .000000000000001% of the total keys. I hope the government sees the problem. 

However my interest lies in the SETI project. How about putting some of this good knowledge and effort into getting them going. As far as I know they have been struggling for a long time trying to get the software working.


> Great job on attacking and destroying DES-III.  Someday our government will
> notice that they're doing the wrong thing with encryption technology.....
> I'd like to see the OGR project get moving.  I'm not strongly committed to
> attacking encryption technologies.  I'm not a crypto geek....
> Regards,
> Tom Cooper

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