[RC5] Article in PC Week Online -- facts wrong?!

Jean-Jack M. Riethoven pow at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jan 21 11:04:00 EST 1999


  Just read this article in PCWeek online (see url below). It describes how
RSA DES challenge got cracked in 22 hours. However, the author wrote
something that think is wrong. Correct me if not!

"The successful effort to decode the message was lead by John Gilmore,
founder of the Electronic Freedom Foundation. The foundation offered its
network of nearly 100,000 PCs, functioning as a supercomputer over the
Internet, to a coalition of computer enthusiasts known as Distributed.Net."

Not quibling about who led the effort, but I really thought we were the ones
having the 100,000 machines :)

Anyway, this is the URL:


With kind regards,

Jean-Jack Riethoven

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