[RC5] new member question

Carl Johnstone rc5 at fadetoblack.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 21 17:22:45 EST 1999

>I just joined a few days ago and am pretty excited about this, but when I
>tell my co-workers about it, they ask one question I couldn't answer:  How
>do I know that this cow isn't downloading all my personal info and sending
>it to to someone ???  :-D

You can never be 100% sure... it depends how much you trust the people that
write the code! I've not had any bad experiences :-) For all you know
Windows could send all your personal info to Microsoft every time you
connect to the net!!

>Second question:  if I only downloaded 10 blocks and log off, leave my
>computer on all day, and return it has 170 blocks in buff out???

It generates random blocks when it runs out of real blocks to work on...
thing is some of the random blocks may already have been submitted by
someone else - so you might not get credit for all of them.


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