[RC5] RC5 core questions

Stephen Degabriele stephend at aebc.com
Fri Jan 22 10:07:49 EST 1999

] 2. are there any statistics on how often you could expect the
]    low 32 bits of the produced cyphertext to match the low 32
]    bits of the expected result? eg: 50% of keys, 25%, 10% ... ?

What I was wondering is if there are any pattern searches which I think
might be more intersting.. if keys starting with containing certain values
have a higher percantage of matching low 32 bits, and if so if those could
be checked (Or if there any other patterns) I am no cryptoligist, that's for
sure, but I'm still not convinced that the only way to break the rc5 is to
check every possible key...

also, if every possible key is checked, can those keys be stored in a
database, then retrieve later on?  How big would this database be?

Just curious really :).

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