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Thu Jan 21 23:37:00 EST 1999


Look in the installation directory.  You'll find a file called 
'install.log'.  This file details the exact steps that you'll need your 
SMS package to replicate.  Basically, not much!

I assuming that you won't be putting in the Un-install info into 
the registry (you'll just use another SMS package to remove the code if 
necessary), nor will you be putting in the Short-cuts.

You *will* need to copy the core files, add the 'Install Paths' key and 
create an rc5desg.ini file with the appropriate settings. Finally get the 
application to run automatically at startup (suggest using the 'Run' key, 
not the startup group).

I've been looking on the Win95/98 installation.  The NT install will be 
slightly more complex if you install as a service (which would be 
preferable!) but the concept is the same.


legal at cix.co.uk:
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> Heve anyone installed the client through SMS ?
> I have 170 + machines just waiting....
> The problem is, the installation must be complete silence, and the 
> client
> should not tell anyone it's there...
> any ideas ??
> :-)
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