[RC5] new member question

Matt Steinhoff mls at steinhoff.net
Thu Jan 21 16:47:04 EST 1999

>> How do I know that this cow isn't downloading all my personal 
>> info and sending it to to someone ???  :-D
 > I wouldn't worry about it though, the amount of data transfered 
 > is very small, i doubt they could be pulling personal info off 
 > of your computer unless they did it very very slowly.  

    Isn't one of the major Distributed.Net points that a lot of a
litte makes a big? Don't think that just because the packets are
small that your company's entire data center won't end up on some 
farm being grazed by a herd of clandestine cows.
    Before folks start running a client, they have to ask themselves
if cracking RC5-64 is worth losing one's files or one's job as both
could possibly happen and, in the case of the latter, has happened.
(Check the list archives.)
    I run the client because it's hip, there may be some money in
it for me and I trust the DCTI staff that the client does what is
says it is doing. 


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