[RC5] film rendering

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Fri Jan 22 11:14:38 EST 1999

Charles Franks said:

> Of course the coolest damn thing we could do would be to render a 3D
> movie like 'Antz' or 'A Bugs Life' distributedly (is that a word?)  and
> have D.net plastered all over theater screens around the world  :P

Coming soon to a small herd of Linuxen near me!  Once I've got it 
working I'll be wanting lots more Linuxen as well - and you'd get paid 
per frame.

However, rendering _does_ require more network bandwidth than plain ol' 
calculations like OGR or RC5 - you have to dl the 3D model, and then 
upload the finished BIIIIIIG (40Mb+ for 32mm) pictures.  Plus of course 
you'd need LOTS more memory and hard disk space.  Modem users need not 
apply ;-)

Another problem is that film-makers need to meet deadlines.  d.net 
can't, which is why projects such as OGR are better suited to us.

David Cantrell


I am convinced the Internet is an experiment to see how many grown
people can be made to stare at screen on which nothing worth knowing
is happening, and often nothing at all is happening.
  -- Jerry Pournelle

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