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Scott I. Remick scott at computeralt.com
Fri Jan 22 13:21:08 EST 1999

At 06:14 AM 1/22/1999 , you wrote:
>However, rendering _does_ require more network bandwidth than plain ol' 
>calculations like OGR or RC5 - you have to dl the 3D model, and then 
>upload the finished BIIIIIIG (40Mb+ for 32mm) pictures.  Plus of course 
>you'd need LOTS more memory and hard disk space.  Modem users need not 
>apply ;-)

What if it wasn't done in whole frames per user, but bunches of pixels?
You would fetch the 3D model only once per frame, and then the
"pixelserver" would give you a range of pixels to crunch out.  Multiple
people could all be working on the same frame at once.  You'd only download
a new model once your frame was finished.

Users could pick the # of pixels in a batch depending on their computer
speed and internet connection.  

One could also come up with a way to not have to transfer the entire 3D
model again for each frame.  If it were just made up of objects, you'd
download the whole object library first, then for each frame you'd just
need layout data for those objects.  Or maybe a diff method where all you
download is how the objects in this frame have changed since the previous.
This would mean sequencial progression through the frames but that's fine.
And if you fall behind and the next frame is 3 ahead, then you download the
3 diffs and now you're on the proper frame.

Just some thoughts...
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