[RC5] RE: Win98 Resource Lossage

Adam Zilinskas AZilinskas at SolutionsIQ.com
Fri Jan 22 13:38:10 EST 1999

	>OK I have been running V2.7105.430 client on both my NT 
	>  and Win98 machine at work. 
	>The NT system has been quite happy with it but I noticed that 
	>  after three or so days, Win98 runs out of some resources.

OK an update on the Win98 stuff with the Resource Meter running.

Several days of running with the GUI client running showing 
  "block progress" everything was fine and stable.
(from Win98 Resource meter:
    83% System Free
    83% User Resources
    95% GDI Resources

This morning, I switched it to "Keyrate graph" and resized the window
  to get a better look. The resources dropped. 
I should check it some more but it apparently the resizing of the 
 window eats the resources (I have the show windows contents while
 dragging mode turned on).
(after a few resizes of the window:
   56% System Resources
   83% User Resources
   56% GDI Resources

Note that when free GDI resources drops too low, the system starts to 
  exhibit the corruptions and such I have seen before.

More info as I have been writing this message:
Note that if I leave the Keyrate graph showing, it appears to eat 
  another 1% of the GDI resources on every update (Cow Moo of a block
 SO I really should only leave the block progress mode up if I leave the
window showing.
The resources return to normal if I terminate the clientand restart it.

                  Adam Zilinskas
                  Solutions IQ
                  azilinskas at solutionsiq.com

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