[RC5] OGR anyone?

Martin Harvey martin at aziraphale.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 22 19:03:20 EST 1999

If anyone finds this topic particularly interesting, I've written a
distributed raytracer which works quite nicely over small LAN networks.
You can find the latest binaries and source on my web pages. Pregress
was fairly good up until mid december but since then (also being a
software developer by trade) I've rather lost the incentive to develop
it further, although I have plenty of ideas. Any feedback would be


Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> 3D modeling and raytracing are computationally intense activities. So, while
> there is a huge amount of data involved in a movie like 'A Bugs Life', there
> is also a huge amount of computer horsepower needed for rendering. So, it is
> technically possible that distributed.net would be a useful tool for mass 3D
> rendering projects.

Martin Harvey.
Totally rewritten web pages at:

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