[RC5] OGR anyone?

Gregory Lee tatsu at wizard.com
Fri Jan 22 22:14:48 EST 1999

Steve Bird wrote:
> If a distributed rendering project were to ever happen, I think that within
> a week or two of it starting up, a couple of still screenshots from the
> movie, hacked from the client would pop up on ain't-it-cool-news or
> something and the project would be halted.  Besides, nowadays, I don't think
> rendering time is the REAL concern.   Places like ILM and Disney have
> dedicated hardware that could closely rival the speed of d.net.  Besides,
> having to put up all the data on servers would require additional time to
> transmit the data and even more time to get it to clients.
> The SETI project is the one...this is the project that could get some
> attention to distributed computing projects.  I don't necessarily think it
> will bring people to d.net, but I do think it will cause more interest in
> the concept of distributed computing and I think that it will increase the
> number of projects being worked on.  Perhaps there's a scientist out there
> that needs something done and that scientist hadn't realized how many people
> on the Internet don't mind contributing spare cycles...viola...new
> project/core/whatever.
> The other one I think that could gain publicity is the search for
> Pi..ie..PiHex that Colin Percivel(sp?) wrote.  Just about everyone knows
> what Pi is and they also know that it (so far) is an endless number.
> All the other projects out there are only going to have appeal to people who
> are into cryptography or number theory or...well I think you get my point.
> But, Pi and aliens?? Everybody knows what those are..
> Before people blow up over anything I'm saying here...don't get me wrong.
> I'm not saying ALL people think this way, but I'm just saying that I think
> that what I'm saying is true of most people (in the US anyway).

I think all of these project sound good to me, but they will not really
be easy to integrate into the network until the v3 clients come out.
I personally would love to see a distributed movie rendering project.
You would just need to have clients that could handle the bandwidth
requirements work on it. Most likely if they were always online they
would have a fast enough connection to make it possible to transfer
movie frames around.  And from what the v3 spec. looks like there will
be a determination of online/offline.

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