FW: [RC5] OGR anyone?

Greg Mizell GMizell at peek-traffic.com
Fri Jan 22 13:24:32 EST 1999

|The SETI project is the one...this is the project that could get some
|attention to distributed computing projects.  I don't 
|necessarily think it
|will bring people to d.net, but I do think it will cause more 
|interest in
|the concept of distributed computing and I think that it will 
|increase the
|number of projects being worked on.  Perhaps there's a 
|scientist out there
|that needs something done and that scientist hadn't realized 
|how many people
|on the Internet don't mind contributing spare cycles...viola...new

This is the one I'm interested in since I'm an amateur astronomer. In fact
it's what brought me to d.net in the first place. What I'm planning to do is
the following. The SETI program is a screen saver instead of a client using
spare cycles so it should co-exist with the RC5 client. I plan on doing both
at once so RC5 would be done primarily during the day by stealing unused
cycles while I'm working at my computer and the SETI 'client' would be at
night or any other time when the computer goes into screen-saver mode. In
the latter case I'd still be cracking RC5, but only using whatever CPU time
is unused by the SETI program. I still want to contribute to the RC5 effort,
but SETI is my primary interest.

They are still forcasting April as the time when the program will become
available and there have been articles in the amateur astronomy mags about

|Other projects that could get some real attention:
|A distributed version of the Human Genome project.  (If this is even

If it is that would be very interesting. You could say you played a part in
mapping the human genes.


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