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Robert A. Rosenberg Bob.Rosenberg at digitscorp.com
Sat Jan 23 23:55:04 EST 1999

At 08:58 +1000 on 01/23/99, Joseph Armstrong wrote about Re: [RC5] 
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>>> > http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/stories/news/0,4153,386735,00.html
>>> Yes, I noticed this article as well yesterday and was most concerned
>>> over the factual innaccuracies therein.  The article, as written, is
>>> very misleading and contains numerous factual errors.
>> Lots of luck getting it corrected.
>> Ziff-Davis publications have a LONG history of factual inaccuracies - I
>>don't think it's deliberate, but more just a tendancy to be sloppy about
>>research on the part of their authors, and a tendancy for their editors
>>to not CARE about that sort of problem.
> It isn't just ZDNet - just about any popular (read "late breaking or
> recent") news or journalism tends to reflect the understanding, bias or
> interpretation of the journalists doing the piece.

I am working for a company trying to develop a "Y2K Solution." One of 
my tasks is to monitor News Reports about Y2K (aka "The Millennium 
Bug"). The same explanation seems to be used to explain the Y2K bug 
in every article. Often in explaining it the Reporter lists "special 
dates" that must be checked for after you try to fix the problem. One 
of those listed is always September 9, 1999 (with mention of the fact 
that early programs used all 9s in a sort field to signal that this 
was the end of a file [EOF]). Thus the report claims that if you are 
reading a file that is in date field order (and are using the all-9s 
as an EOF trigger) that date can cause problems. This is 
misinformation since that date is stored as 090999 and thus can not 
be confused with an EOF-Trigger (which would be 999999). Every time I 
see this misinformation in an article, I Email them a correction and 
I've NEVER even gotten a acknowledgment of my correction or a "Thank 

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