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>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:24:40 -0700
>From: Steve Bird <sbird at UATC.com>
>Subject: RE: [RC5] OGR anyone?
>If a distributed rendering project were to ever happen, I think that within
>a week or two of it starting up, a couple of still screenshots from the
>movie, hacked from the client would pop up on ain't-it-cool-news or
>something and the project would be halted.  Besides, nowadays, I don't think
>rendering time is the REAL concern.   Places like ILM and Disney have
>dedicated hardware that could closely rival the speed of d.net.  Besides,
>having to put up all the data on servers would require additional time to
>transmit the data and even more time to get it to clients.
>The SETI project is the one...this is the project that could get some
>attention to distributed computing projects.  I don't necessarily think it
>will bring people to d.net, but I do think it will cause more interest in
>the concept of distributed computing and I think that it will increase the
>number of projects being worked on.  Perhaps there's a scientist out there
>that needs something done and that scientist hadn't realized how many people
>on the Internet don't mind contributing spare cycles...viola...new

There's gotta' be stuff in the quantum mechanics of huge molecules...
organic biological ones, for example.  It requires hrs. of intense
computation on a fast machine for simple molecules(or I would imagine, does
anyone have benchmarks of such?) such as 4 or 5 carbon chains with a few
functional groups off them.  We could rip through it.

What about the process chemically of chloryphyll through a plant.  As of a
month or so ago, no one had completely understood it, because the molecules
reactions were so complex.  Perhaps all the equations could be solved by
d.net... BIG publicity in the scientific community;  more scientists would
recruit our power.

We could become even larger, more well known, and the scientific community
would be making significant, useful advantages because of us.

~~DJ Love Toad

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