[RC5] and now for something completely different

Paul repton at repton.org
Sat Jan 23 20:43:16 EST 1999

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Bryan M. Smith wrote:

> I haven't tried it. But, it would be easy to set up processor farms! no
> maintenance of hard drives, multiple configurations on multiple
> computers or megs of RAM, a couple of old ram chips to equal 8 megs is
> so cheap that some places will give them away for free.  Also,
> everything would be centralized.  And...  It's not bloatware!

working on the same principle, however, its not particularly hard to make
a linux boot floppy with kernel and compressed root filesystem containing
an rc5 client. this has the advantage over QNX of being completely free

another similar option if you have a netware server is a DOS boot floppy
with netware client and the DOS rc5 client on it. You only need a single
unix/windows client sharing the buffers to do all the fetching and
flushing. the netware route has the advantage of minimal per-host
configuration too, as it doesn't need you to allocate an IP address per


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