[RC5] stats question - always offline...?

Jonathan Ah Kit ahkitj at paradise.net.nz
Mon Jan 25 15:41:50 EST 1999


I've recently started with the distributed.net client (FYI, the latest
Win32), and have been wondering how come the stats *seem* offline almost all
the time? After all the time I've been using the client, I must be in the
stats database, and the only time my stats did come up was when I did a
search on them during the DES contest last week.

Any ideas? Has the stats server gone ga-ga, or are we now on D.I.Y. stats?

J.. :)

Jonathan Ah Kit
ahkitj at paradise.net.nz, ahkitj at poboxes.com, ahkitj at usa.net, ICQ#9747234
GeoCities Community Leader, SiliconValley/Park (5000-5499) -
Hutt Valley High School, New Zealand - http://www.hvhs.ac.nz/

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