[RC5] Re: OGR anyone?

Richard Harris nitro at mail.globalnet.co.uk
Mon Jan 25 04:06:21 EST 1999

Hi There,

> There's gotta' be stuff in the quantum mechanics of huge molecules...
> organic biological ones, for example. 

Oh there is. Try putting a molecule like an enzyme in a computer and ask for 
its lowest energy state, that will take like years on a single computer, I'd love 
to see a distributed computation version of it.

 It requires hrs. of intense
> computation on a fast machine for simple molecules(or I would imagine,
> does anyone have benchmarks of such?) such as 4 or 5 carbon chains with a
> few functional groups off them.  We could rip through it.

A single decent pentium can do a PM3 minimisation about 20 seconds! :)

If you want a challenge its the LARGE molecules you want to have done, I 
am talking about biological molecules here, not just itsy bitsy 5 carbon 
length chains.

> What about the process chemically of chloryphyll through a plant.  As of a
> month or so ago, no one had completely understood it, because the
> molecules reactions were so complex.  Perhaps all the equations could be
> solved by d.net... BIG publicity in the scientific community;  more
> scientists would recruit our power.

If the scientists did recruit D.Nets power and they found a drug to inhibit the 
enzyme Aromatase and find a treatment for breast cancer they would be in 
the money. I am talking BILLIONS of pounds for a sucessful drug, what 
happens then? I have heard objections that if D.Net were to hire out the 
power to companies people would not be happy. If the service were free and 
the drug stemming from the project attracted billions of pounds, I am sure a 
significant number of people wouldn't be happy with that too! :)

> We could become even larger, more well known, and the scientific community
> would be making significant, useful advantages because of us.

Then again we could become a 'resource' to be exploited. 

I would assume that we would be in New Scientist again! @:)

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