[RC5] Re: OGR anyone?

Jason Stratos Papadopoulos jasonp at Glue.umd.edu
Sun Jan 24 23:13:20 EST 1999

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999 pagemaker at sota-oh.com wrote:

> There's gotta' be stuff in the quantum mechanics of huge molecules...
> organic biological ones, for example.  It requires hrs. of intense
> computation on a fast machine for simple molecules(or I would imagine, does
> anyone have benchmarks of such?) such as 4 or 5 carbon chains with a few
> functional groups off them.  We could rip through it.
> What about the process chemically of chloryphyll through a plant.  As of a
> month or so ago, no one had completely understood it, because the molecules
> reactions were so complex.  Perhaps all the equations could be solved by
> d.net... BIG publicity in the scientific community;  more scientists would
> recruit our power.

Not to mention Monte Carlo simulation. This gets my vote for the best
"hard science" application for d.net, since ideally all you need is
the core, a random number generator and a seed to get started.

Or does industrial-scale simulation always have large datasets and lots
of communication?


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