[RC5] Article in PC Week Online -- facts wrong?!

Mark Nejedlo nejedlo at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Jan 25 13:42:08 EST 1999

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Colbeck, Andrew wrote:

> A correction was posted to ZDNet on Friday the 22nd at roughly 9am.
> http://www.zdnet.com/intweek/stories/news/0,4164,2191290,00.html

I don't think they were very happy to have to correct that article.  They
didn't use the nicest phrasing IMHO.  Our original concers about the
inaccuracies were listened to and acted upon by them though.  _THAT_ is
the power a group of people with a common goal have, not the ability to
crack an encryption code (it is a nice side effect though).

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