[RC5] Stats Retire-To question

Stephen Berg sberg at pangaealink.com
Mon Jan 25 22:07:57 EST 1999

NO, I'm not asking when it'll be available, I can wait for it. =:-)

But I do have one question that I guess Nugget might be the one to
answer.  When the Retire-To feature comes available will the old
addresses that get retired be deleted from the database at that point
or will they still show up with a flag or pointer to where all the
blocks for that address have "Retired-To"??  I'm curious cause if
they get deleted won't this eventually get rid of alot of old defunct
listings in the stats database and hopefully help the stats run a bit
quicker?  I know I can take 2 addresses, retire them to my current
address and then kick em the heck out of the database completely once
the blocks get reassigned to my current address.  Once I retire them
I have no desire to see them ever again, and I'm guessing lots of
people could do the same and maybe we could kill a great deal of old
defunct addresses if everyone takes advantage of the new feature.

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