[RC5] film rendering

Jay Berg jberg at phc.net
Mon Jan 25 12:46:07 EST 1999

There's another minor reason why D.net won't be getting involved in
financially based projects. You'd have no idea how much firestorm would be
generated if companies started learning that their spare CPU cycles were
being "given" to support another companies product development.

One of the biggest reasons that my company is allowing me to run the D.net
clients, is that it is not profiting any profit oriented company. If D.net
wasn't a registered non-profit organization, you'd lose a very large
percentage of the current D.net client hosts!

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>> One could also come up with a way to not have to transfer the entire 3D
>> model again for each frame ...
>Yep - the model would be dl'ed once per scene and the frameserver would
>simply tell your machine 'now go and render frame 27'.
>However, another poster has posted another excellent reason why d.net
>won't get this sort of work from professional film-makers - security.
>You wouldn't _believe_ how nasty Disney get when frames from their
>unreleased movies escape onto websites.
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