[RC5] Different classes of D.Net users?

CompuPC1 at aol.com CompuPC1 at aol.com
Tue Jan 26 16:19:03 EST 1999

Maybe - in theroy that would work, but there are problems.  One is the fact
that some users might feel degraded by being put into a lower class.
Personnaly, I don't think it really matters but some will argue that they have
a right to participate inm whatever they want.  An even bigger thing would be
that any one user might have several machines, some being slow/having slow
connections, and others being fast/having faster connections.

I'm sure if it came to it, we could find some practicle variation on what you
suggested.  Because, yes, if we ever did a project that required large
transfers we can't have slow computers with slow connections trying to
participate - it would make the whole project drag and that computer's work
would proboally be duplicated by the time they submitted it anyway.


<< > Ray tracing images, massive FEM (finite element modelling)
 > simulation and such looks attractive for a massively parallel
 > system like d.net; the problems will be the large amount of
 > data that must be transferred to the clients to do their work.
 How about separating D.Net users into 2 or more "classes" by speed of 
 connection? That way we could more smartly entertain the possibility of 
 doing "high bandwidth" problems.
 Maybe there should be categories for "low-latency" and "high-client-
 memory" users as well. >>

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