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sean noonan thenoonans at erols.com
Tue Jan 26 16:29:42 EST 1999

having stats e-mailed to people would present a number of difficulties.
and what about the imbecile who presses the submit button 100 times because
he thinks nothing happens?
i happen to like the present system, because i don't have to be anywhere in
particular to check my stats.   perhaps we should just wait until after the
current implementation is updated (which, if you read the postings, is
happening as we write...although it will take time)


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>Talking about stats...
>they're next to impossible to get.
>what I was thinking would be you'd press a "submit" button or something for
>your own stats, and they'd be queed up and e-mailed to you in que
>order..probably save the server some bandwidth in people re-hitting the
>trying to get their stats and keep people happier :)
>Well me at least!
>of course you'd have to look up other stats through the web still, but at
>least you cold get yours easier.
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>> NO, I'm not asking when it'll be available, I can wait for it. =:-)
>> But I do have one question that I guess Nugget might be the one to
>> answer.  When the Retire-To feature comes available will the old
>> addresses that get retired be deleted from the database at that point
>> or will they still show up with a flag or pointer to where all the
>> blocks for that address have "Retired-To"??  I'm curious cause if
>> they get deleted won't this eventually get rid of alot of old defunct
>> listings in the stats database and hopefully help the stats run a bit
>> quicker?  I know I can take 2 addresses, retire them to my current
>> address and then kick em the heck out of the database completely once
>> the blocks get reassigned to my current address.  Once I retire them
>> I have no desire to see them ever again, and I'm guessing lots of
>> people could do the same and maybe we could kill a great deal of old
>> defunct addresses if everyone takes advantage of the new feature.
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