[RC5] Multiple Projects

Tobias Bergmann bergmats at rupert.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Jan 27 16:35:40 EST 1999

There is an alternative way to set up more projects than to sit and wait
for D.nets V3 client! SCAPUTMEP (strange name, uh?)

It is a software project at the University of Stuttgart in order to use
smaller/older machines in doing hard simulations on multi-dimensional

Our first version (V1) is out for quite a while and it may be suited to
host some of the possible D.Net projects. But there are some problems to
It was designed to work in a LAN environment and therefore lacks some
features needed to run an internet-based project.

Not supported in V1:
- Proxy network
- Statistics
- Security options 

But it features:
- Many parallel projects at a time with a priority given for each project
- Client side is splitted into a "client" for communication with the 
  server and "executables" for each project which do the computational
- automatic executable distribution (=> set-and-forget clients)

It is unknown how far it scales but I expect more than 500 connects per
minute are possible (thats 30000 clients connecting once per hour!).

Similar to D.Nets projects SCAPUTMEP V1 is block based and the blocks have
to be independent. Therefor not all suggested projects can be addressed

Currently there is only a (rather old) german homepage at
but an up-to-date german and english version will follow soon :)

I will implement an RSA-factorizer in the following weeks and I hope there
are more people out there willing to use it.


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