[RC5] film rendering

James Michael Keller jmkeller at radix.net
Wed Jan 27 22:17:35 EST 1999

	But who says D.net would be doing anything for them?  I'm thinking more
along the lines of helping small indy film makers add a few 'effects
shots' that would be far out of their own, or contractors price range
due to the time to render/# of frames.

	That would be the better use of D.net if we have a 'render ranch' core
in the future.

	We could be like the hubble - with indivuduals queing up to 'get time'
on D.net for a project.  With some projects given more weight as desided
by votes, akin to picking the rc5/des charity.

David Cantrell wrote:
> > One could also come up with a way to not have to transfer the entire 3D
> > model again for each frame ...
> Yep - the model would be dl'ed once per scene and the frameserver would
> simply tell your machine 'now go and render frame 27'.
> However, another poster has posted another excellent reason why d.net
> won't get this sort of work from professional film-makers - security.
> You wouldn't _believe_ how nasty Disney get when frames from their
> unreleased movies escape onto websites.

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