[RC5] Strange Mathematics ?!

Michael Stouffs jack.stouffs at ties.itu.int
Wed Jan 27 23:11:18 EST 1999

>> Another Topic: Recycling of RC5 blocks
>> =============================
>> How long approximately can I keep a RC5 block before it gets recycled? I've
>> got some friends without internet access and I want to exchange buffer
>> on disks. But I want to do this only once per week or better once in two
>> weeks or a month. It will get annoying otherwise. Will these blocks have
>> been recycled when I get them back for flushing, so the work was probably
>> useless?
> At one point you would have been nearing the limit with a month, but now
> you should be safe with well over a month, because the keymaster has more
> HD space to keep lots of open 2^56 subspaces.

It says in the rc5-64 faq:

"In order to accommodate slower clients and to minimize duplication of work
there is no recycle period after which a keyblock is reassigned. If we reach
the end of the keyspace without finding the winning key, we will start back
at the beginning and assign the unreturned blocks."

So who's right?


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