[RC5] Different classes of D.Net users?

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Thu Jan 28 10:13:32 EST 1999

CompuPC1 at aol.com said:

> Maybe - in theroy that would work, but there are problems.  One is the
> fact that some users might feel degraded by being put into a lower class.
> Personnaly, I don't think it really matters but some will argue that they
> have a right to participate inm whatever they want.  An even bigger thing
> would be that any one user might have several machines, some being slow/
> having slow connections, and others being fast/having faster connections.
> I'm sure if it came to it, we could find some practicle variation on 
> what you suggested...

Not a problem.  I, for instance, have 6 machines taking part.  Four are 
connected permanently, one about 8 hours a day, and one never (uses 
floppynet once a week).  So I set the four machines which are 
permanently connected to take part in the DES contest, but not the 
other two.  Why not have such a setting so users can say on a per-
machine basis whether they take part in bandwidth-intensive projects.

However, the many other serious problems which have been raised mean 
that such projects are unlikely to materialise ;-)

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 kind of person I'm preaching to."
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